Dominique à la piscine entourée de ses fidèles compagnons

Dominique à la piscine entourée de ses fidèles compagnons

"I lived in France, in Burgundy as well as in Paris, now I feel like a ""Souiria"" (resident of Essaouira) for 25 years and very happy to enjoy all the ""good vibes"" of the Atlantic and this so beautiful city that is Essaouira."

I have traveled a lot throughout my life, dreaming of a house by the sea and in the sun! My visit to Essaouira in 1997 convinced me that this was where I would ""put my house under the sun""! and the thirst for new things… for a new life. ADVENTURE…

"I finally decided to stay and live here and combine my professional life and the happiness of living on the edge of the Atlantic. Bringing a place to life and sharing it is a wonderful experience. Plus the ""freedom of life"" that I feel in Morocco has become essential to me."

There are so many pretty little things that make me love Morocco and my life in Baoussala, such as the friendliness, the simplicity of relationships between people, nature - still so raw - the light so beautiful, the notion of space... . A whole world that seduced me deeply. And Baoussala, my house, so alive over time, is a joy of encounters, of tranquility and one of the paths that helps to forget the World...."

"I built Baoussala in a very traditional way. That was the key word: respect the environment, be in harmony with nature, trust local know-how and create a simple and beautiful place to live where well-being and well-being would be the first criteria.
With my fantasies and those of Bruno, my husband, we tried to design a simple and warm house above all. Inspired by different types of architecture, sometimes African, Berber and even Mexican! The house took shape with the hands of many local artisans, from masons to furniture and object makers, giving Baoussala a ""very personal color» and fanciful. The guiding principle being the pleasure of living there as warmly as possible."

"Working at my place of life or living at my place of work, it's a great freedom, a comfort of daily life, in sharing, while maintaining my independence in a pretty house behind the eucalyptus trees, as well as privacy everyone respects each other.

If I had to describe my typical day in Baoussala it starts with a good breakfast in the sun (eternal happiness!) then meeting my hosts, the team and Léah my assistant for 13 years, so invaluable to the smooth running of the house.
It is the exchanges with our guests that punctuate the time and of course my eyes which do not fail to pay attention to all the details so that the house keeps its ""beauty""…
Then often follow long walks on the beach with Loco, my dear furry companion, the sports sessions that Abdel our coach offers every day in Baoussala and which I never miss.And finally a few drinks shared and discussions exchanged with my hosts in the evening with the assurance that everyone will have a good night."

""Of course, living in Morocco for 22 years has changed my outlook on the world, it has allowed me to approach everyday life with more serenity, the philosophy of life here being so different from that of Europe.""

"I have made this guest house grow over time, I never thought I would be able to satisfy my desire to ""build"" with so much pleasure despite the many difficulties relating to a culture so different from mine.

"For me it goes beyond the beauty of the landscapes and the sweetness of life, in fact the warm relationship with the Moroccans who welcome us seems essential to me in considering a part of the journey in this country. I will also say to those who would like to follow these steps, to do it with heart and with respect for their personality and their desires. You also need a little courage and energy!""

Dominique Choupin, October 2021