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Riad Baoussala is located 9km south of Essaouira (6KM of road and 3KM of track), halfway between the city of Alizés and the beautiful beaches of Sidi Kaouki.

The village where Baoussala is located is called Ghazoua, to access it you have to drive 6 km from Essaouira on the road to Agadir and at the place called "the KM8" in front of the small basketry shops and the restaurant "Tagine Café". You have to take the long main track, a little stony but quite practicable, Baoussala is located 3KM, it is the last house on the left, at the last wooden electric pole.

(update 12/16/20)

Morocco's borders are not fully reopened, however since July 15 special flights programs allow visitors to come to Morocco from Europe while respecting a number of conditions.

The companies authorized to come to Morocco are:
- Royal Air Maroc, Air France, Transavia, RyanAir, Air Arabia and Easyjet
However, flight programs are reduced, and Essaouira airport for example has not resumed its usual activity, only a RyanAir flight from Brussels has landed in Essaouira since November, for the Christmas holidays, Transavia flights from Paris Orly are also planned, but not on January, you have to fly to Marrakech.

The conditions to travel to Morocco:
- Morocco requires a PCR test of -72 hours (date of the sample being taken) for all passengers except children under 11, be careful however to refer to the policy of the airline with which you will be traveling because Ryanair requires a test including for children.
- A hotel reservation for the first night at least of your arrival in Morocco (no need to cover your entire stay, the first night is enough!)
- A health form to fill out and print, click here
- Wearing of the surgical mask (not in fabric) during the trip

For the return trip, please refer to the conditions of your host country. In France, a PCR test of - 72 hours is required , we can arrange this appointment for you and the test will be carried out by a nurse directly in Baoussala for 600dh / pers.

The information below is not valid during the COVID pandemy.


Essaouira Airport (10KM - 15 minutes)

Flights Paris-Essaouira, with Transavia

Essaouira has a very small airport, there are direct flights from Paris-Orly with the company Transavia at quite correct rates if you do it well in advance.

In high season, 3 flights per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), in low season, 2 flights / week (Tuesday and Saturday).

Flights Brussels-Charleroi, with RYANAIR
start of the flight program October 2019 (2 flights per week)

Flights Marseille Provence - Essaouira with Ryanair

start of the flight program: October 2019 (2 flights per week)

Flights Lyon -Essaouira, with Easyjet
start of the program October 2019 (2 flights per week.)

Bordeaux -Essaouira flights, with Easyjet
2 flights per week

Flights London Stansted - Essaouira, with RyanAir
start of the flight program: October 2019 (2 flights per week)

Marrakech (170KM - 2h30 drive to Baoussala)

Most European cities offer flights to Marrakech, with the following lowcosts companies:

RyanAir : Paris-Beauvais, Paris Vatry,Bordeaux, Dole, Tours, Marseille, Bordeaux, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Brussels, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Dublin, Milan, Pisa, Rome, Eindhoven, Liverpool, London Luton, London Stansted.

Easyjet : Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Paris CDG, Bale, Lyon, Geneva, London, Bristol, Manchester, Milan,

Transavia : Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Munich, Amsterdam

Tui : Bordeaux, Lilles, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille, Metz, Nantes, Paris, Brussels, Bologna

Air-Arabia: Pau, Montpellier, Frankfurt

Royal Air Maroc : also offers flights from most cities, also from the United States and Canada.

Agadir (180KM - 3h30 drive to Baoussala)

If you can choose, we recommend that you travel to Marrakech, the trip to Baoussala being faster, but all the same depending on the flight prices here are the flights that serve this destination:

RyanAir : Dusseldorf, Brussels, London Stansted

Easyjet : London Gatwick

Transavia : Amsterdam, Lyon and Paris

Tui : Bordeaux, Lilles, Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse, Brussels

Taxi transfer

We can organize your taxi transfer from your arrival airport:

- From Essaouira airport, 150dh up to 4 people

- From Marrakech, 800dh up to 4 people

- From Agadir: 900dh, up to 4 people

- From Essaouira (medina): 100dh.

Contact us for transfers from other cities in Morocco

Rental car

We can book a rental car for your stay, from € 28 per day for Dacia-Logan (300 dirhams), so you can discover the beautiful landscapes around Essaouira and the hinterland.The rental car can be delivered to your arrival airport, at an additional cost for delivery to Essaouira airport, + 300dh delivery costs for Marrakech and Agadir airports.